Progressive Governance Conference

Chile ’09

Plenary Session I – Progressive politics after the financial crisis

Posted by progressivegovernance09 on March 27, 2009

Robert Reich

(notes – not verbatim)

social equity and economic growth should not be traded off against each other – social equity is a pre condition for economic growth

rarely has a policy failed as clearly as trickle down economics – progressives should now be calling for trickle up economics

lack of attention to the structural issue of the environment has led to problems with food production, natural disasters increasing, costs and uncertainties for national and global economies imposing increasingly costly burdens on economic growth – to take a structural rather than a cyclical view  – we must consider a carbon tax – using thew proceeds for investment in alternative and renewable enrgy sources in all our nations

this is a progressive moment – the economic crisis has a silver lining – that lining could be a political resurgence of progressive thought and action – can only be the case if we have laid foundation of educating the public about necessity for structural reform – making peopel understand that this is not a cyclical crisis but that it has deep structural origins

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