Progressive Governance Conference

Chile ’09

About Policy Network

Policy Network is an international thinktank dedicated to promoting progressive policies and the renewal of social democracy. Launched in 2000 to facilitate the sharing of ideas and experiences among politicians, policymakers and experts on the centre-left, it seeks to inject new ideas into progressive politics that address the common challenges and opportunities of the global age.

Progressive governments and parties in industrialised countries are facing similar pressures. Perceived threats to economic, political and social security linked to globalisation, migration or climate change, and the limitations of traditional policy prescriptions in the light of rapid social and technological change, increasingly demand that progressives look beyond national borders to find common solutions.

Through its international programme of research, publications and events, Policy Network seeks to promote international best practice and provide innovative answers to shared problems, equipping social democrat modernisers with the intellectual tools necessary to meet the policy and political challenges of the 21st century.

The president of Policy Network is Peter Mandelson, secretary of state for business, enterprise and regulatory reform, and former European commissioner for trade. Chair and vice chair are Giles Radice and Roger Liddle, respectively. The director is Olaf Cramme.






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