Progressive Governance Conference

Chile ’09


The full day agenda and conference book for the 2009 Progressive Governance Conference is now available to download as a pdf here.  Alternatively, for easier browsing, the agenda is set out in an article here and the provisional attendee list here

Speakers at the conference will include:

Michelle Bachelet, President of the Republic of Chile

Gordon Brown, UK Prime Minister

Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, President of the Federative Republic of Brazil

Jens Stoltenberg, Prime Minister of Norway

Mona Sahlin, Leader of the Swedish Social Democratic Party

Dario Franceschini, Leader of the Italian Democratic Party

Phil Goff, Leader of the New Zealand Labour Party

George Papandreou, Leader of the Greek Panhellenic Socialist Movement and President of the Socialist International

Eduardo Frei Ruiz-Tagle, Senator and Former President of Chile

Peter Mandelson, UK Secretary of State for Business, Enterprise & Regulatory Reform

Andrés Velasco, Chilean Minister of Finance

Matthias Machnig, State Secretary at the German Federal Ministry for the Environment

Trinidad Jiménez, Spanish Secretary of State for Ibero-America

Frans Timmermans, Dutch Minister for European Affairs and Deputy Foreign Minister

Robert Reich, Professor of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley

Carolina Tohá, Minister Secretary General of the Chilean Government

Giles Radice, Member of the UK House of Lords and Chair of Policy Network

Ricardo Núñez Munoz, Senator and President of Instituto Igualdad

James Purnell, UK Secretary of State for Work and Pensions

Marco Aurélio Garcia, Senior Adviser to the President of Brazil

Álvaro García, Uruguayan Minister of Economy and Finance

Camilo Escalona, Senator and President of the Chilean Socialist Party

Jesús Caldera, Executive Vice President of the Fundación IDEAS, Madrid

Marcio Pochmann, President of the Instituto de Pesquisa Econômica Aplicada, Brasília

Tom Bentley, Senior Adviser to the Deputy Prime Minister of Australia

Conrado Ramos, Adviser to the President of the Republic of Uruguay

Bernardo Kliksberg, Honorary Professor at the University of Buenos Aires

Gunnar Folke Schuppert, Research Professor on “new modes of governance” at the Social Science Research Centre, Berlin

Aldo Ferrer, Professor of Economics at the University of Buenos Aires and Director of Enarsa

Dan Corry, Senior Economic Policy Adviser to the UK Prime Minister

Luiz Gonzaga Beluzzo, Economic Adviser to the President of Brazil

Will Marshall, President of the Progressive Policy Institute, Washington, D.C.

Francesco Rutelli, Senator of the Republic of Italy for the Democratic Party

Nick Rowley, Director at Kinesis in Sydney and Strategic Director of the Copenhagen Climate Council

Juan Pablo Letelier, Senator for the Chilean Socialist Party

Teresa Ribera, Spanish State Sectretary for the Environment

Jorge Vázquez, Deputy Chief of Staff at the Presidency of the Republic of Uruguay

Richard Samans, Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, Washington, D.C.

Juan Temístocles Montás Domínguez, Minister for the Economy, Planning and Development of the Dominican Republic

Simon Rosenberg, President of the New Democratic Network, Washington, D.C.

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