Progressive Governance Conference

Chile ’09

How to use this site

This site is about opening up the discussion at the Progressive Governance Conference 2009 in Chile to people who aren’t in the room.  The site will enable people at the event to hear views in real time from people all over the world.

The site will be updated live through the day by the Policy Network team as speakers do their bit.  We shall include live text write ups of speeches and panel sessions, photos, video all in this site.  Comments on the Handbook of Ideas will also appear on this site.

  • You can comment on the posts in the middle column of the site by clicking ‘comment’ – there is some basic guidance on comments here
  • You can comment on the excellent ‘Handbook of Ideas’ essays by clicking the link here

We are encouraging people who are writing about the conference online to use the hashtag #pgc09 so that people can keep track of discussion about the conference off this site.  We cannot be responsible for what people do with the hash tag.

The site is inspired by the social reporting concepts demonstrated by two outstanding UK practitioners, Dave Briggs and David Wilcox.  We have also used Steph Gray’s world-leading work on commentable documents for the Handbook of Ideas

This site is a Policy Network production in association with Dorbadger – if you would like a site like this please contact us.

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